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Each year the Conference of Churches hosts more than 3,500 volunteers

to live out the ministry of Jesus Christ as while working and living among the poor and marginalized.


Volunteers are a valuable resource for The Lehigh Conference of Churches and the clients we serve. The purpose of

volunteers at the Lehigh County Conference of Churches is to enrich, extend or otherwise supplement our services and staff.

We are always thankful for the generosity of our community members in assisting us with our mission to aid those in need.


Invite a speaker to explain the Conference and its programs to your church, faith community or community group. Please contact Laura Rowe at 610-433-6421 x6101 to ask for a speaker. See our Speakers Bureau.



Volunteering Opportunities - Listed below are some of our volunteering opportunities. To learn more, please contact Laura at 610-433-6421 x6101 to learn about volunteering at the Conference of Churches and its programs.



Mission and Volunteer Opportunities


Inspire a Young Person


Provide caring and loving support by mentoring a middle or high school student through difficult times in their lives.


Help teens learn more about what it means to eat healthy and care for themselves by cooking alongside them once a week.


Learn new ways of encouraging students to reach their potential and see them move from discouragement to excitement through group mentoring, small group discussions and activities.


Assist with transportation.


Help provide students with the tools they need to succeed like backpacks, school supplies and gift cards.


Support Those Living with Disabilities


Spend time with persons who are living with mental health issues and assist TLCC staff help them develop skills for living independently.


Begin a feeding ministry to provide and serve nutritious cost effective food to persons who are poor and living with HIV/AIDS.



Help to End Homelessness in our Community


Screen clients for Housing Case Managers.


Help provide street homeless men and women with necessary items for hygiene like soap, razors, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.


Host collection drives for linens, towels and new undergarments.


Assist TLCC staff with relocating homeless men and women to permanent housing by helping staff find furniture, appliances, and other house wares.


Pray for people who are living on the margins and are vulnerable to losing housing.


Learn about homelessness and what you can do to help.  Invite a Case Manager to talk with your congregation about Relational Sponsorship.



Feed the hungry




Provide and serve a meal to poor and indigent people in Lehigh County.


Put people back to work


An opportunity to hire a trained receptionist, custodian, or food service worker with job placement support.

Be our voice


Learn about the root causes of poverty in your community by attending a Justice and Advocacy workshop.


Develop partnerships with TLCC and other advocacy agencies to contact and communicate with state and federal legislators.


Join the Justice & Advocate Network to receive updates and share information regarding pressing issues around hunger, homelessness, at-risk youth, and mental health.




Put Your Faith into Action



Get to know what churches in your community are doing to live out their faith by interacting with them during special times of the year at prayer and worship services, musicals, and other events sponsored by the Conference.


Learn about simple ministry ideas and actions that can enhance your congregation’s worship life by inviting TLCC ecumenical staff to make a presentation to your ministry team or board.


Participate in community service initiatives sponsored by the Interfaith In Action Committee.


Meet with a Board member and let them know what is important to your congregation’s mission and ministry.


Invite a member of the Board to your church or board meeting to answer questions about TLCC and its vision and mission.


Share your joys and concerns with the Board and look for ways to deepen your congregation’s involvement with the TLCC.




Keep Us Running


Help spread the word about resources that are available to churches, groups and individuals by assembling and mailing the monthly newsletter and other printed material.


Secure donations of copy paper, pens, pencils, and office supplies to cut down on costs.


Offer to provide receptionist coverage during lobby walk-in hours.


Assist the administrative staff with special projects which involve occasional simple typing tasks, data entry, receptionist duties, filing, etc.


Provide assistance when TLCC offices need painting or cleaning.


Be available to move boxes and office fixtures as needed.


Help plan events and raise funds for TLCC programs and clients.


Use your graphic design experience to create cost effective new and exciting publications for upcoming events.


Use your expertise to help with event and long range planning for Conference programs support committees.





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