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Pharmaceutical Assistance Program


In 2010, the Pharmaceutical Assistance Program helped 204 adults and 13 children - a total of 366 prescriptions were filled.  As our economy continues to sour and more jobs are lost, we expect to see more needy individuals and families come to us for help. 


Why We Help:   Alima came to the Conference after her husband called six pharmacies trying to find the best price for the antibiotics and cough medicine needed by their two daughters.  The best price he found was $64 for each child - $128 far more than they could afford after paying the rent and regular household expenses.  Thankfully, one pharmacist referred them to the Conference of Churches for help.  After explaining the program to him, he told me that his wife Alima would be coming in to do the paperwork because he had to leave for his third part-time job.  When Alima came in, we gave her a voucher to pay for her children’s medications.  Alima thanked me for the help and asked if we would be able to help them next time the children got sick.  I explained that our program can only help once a year but I did have a solution for her.  I went online and gave Alima program information and an application to the state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program.  This program, available to all children in Pennsylvania, gave Alima the peace of mind that she needed.


How We Help: Once-a-year emergency pharmaceutical assistance up to $50.


Medications Covered:

  • - Antibiotics
  • - Asthma (includes inhalers and prednisone) but not any other equipment
  • - Epileptic Seizure Medications
  • - Diabetes (Medication only not equipment)
  • - High Blood Pressure Medications


Program Guidelines:

  • 1. Prescription must be for covered medication
  • 2. Local prescription
  • 3. Resident of Lehigh County
  • 4. Low income
  • 5. No health insurance or prescription coverage


Cancer Patients: We can also assist low-income female cancer patients.  Same program guidelines apply.


Please call us at 610-433-6421 if you have any questions or email us.



More Help for You - Here are other programs that can help you too.


Pennsylvania Children’s Health Insurance Program - CHIP
Pennsylvania's program to provide health insurance to all uninsured children and teens who are not eligible for or enrolled in Medical Assistance. There are a lot of reasons kids might not have health insurance - whatever the reason, CHIP may be able to help.
Parents may think their kids can't get CHIP because they make too much money. Not true! No family makes too much money for CHIP because there is no income limit.

Lehigh County Prescription Discount Card

The County of Lehigh has partnered with the National Association of Counties (NACo) to bring Lehigh County residents a Prescription Discount Card program that allows cardholders an average of 20% off the pharmacy's regular price on all commonly prescribed prescriptions and an average savings of 50% on 3-month supplies of select generics through mail service. Any county resident without prescription coverage can use this program. Even if you have insurance for prescription drugs, you may still benefit from the discount card, since it may save you money on prescription drugs your existing plan does not cover.   Click here to print out your card.


The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines (more than 2,500 medicines) they need through the program that is right for them. Many will get their medications free or nearly free.  Call 1-888-477-2669 or visit



How You Can Help:  The best way to help us and families like Alima’s is through monetary donations.  With your donations, we can purchase medications that will help Lehigh County residents stay healthy and productive.




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