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Pathways is Lehigh County’s leading referral agency for any basic human need. Pathways goal is to provide men, women, and families who are homeless or threatened with homelessness with the services and supports that they need to move find and maintain permanent housing.

In 2010, Pathways:

  • - Assisted 1,616 unique households representing 3,445 individuals, 1,288 of who were children age 17 and under;
  • - Served 1,142 people needing housing assistance (temporary financial assistance or advocacy) and 101 needing emergency shelter;
  • - Donated diapers were distributed to 250 families, donated toiletries to 969 persons, and bus tickets for medical appointments or employment-related activities were provided to 915 men and women.


Pathways can provide people who are being evicted, on the verge of being evicted or homeless in Lehigh County with cash rental assistance from variety of sources.


Housing Case Management – One month’s rental assistance can be given to individuals or families who are facing eviction or homelessness through funding provided by FEMA, Lehigh County, and private sources.

  • HPRP – Rental assistance can be given to individuals or families who were affected by the economy and who are facing eviction or homelessness through stimulus funding from the American Recovery Act.
  • Tenant-Based Rental Assistance – Rental assistance can be given to individuals who are deemed chronically homeless and who have a debilitating condition through funding from HUD.

    Pathways also provides help with toiletries, diapers, bus passes, money management, and filing out government forms.


    Pathways advocates for clients needs and provides referrals for:

    • - Emergency Shelter
    • - Employment Counseling
    • - Medical Care
    • - Food


    New Pathways Location: 1031 West Linden Street, Allentown, PA 18102
    Telephone: 610-439-8653 Fax: 484-664-7322


    How You Can Help:

    Pathways is always in need of the items below so that we can help our clients.

    • - Toiletries
    • - Diapers
    • - Household Items
    • - Cleaning Products





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