Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Lehigh County Conference of Churches… Striving to be the face, feet, hands and heart of God’s grace in the Lehigh Valley, leading the faith community in feeding, clothing, healing, housing, and uniting God’s children.


Our Mission
Responding to the call of Jesus Christ, the mission of the Lehigh County Conference of Churches is to unite communities of faith as ecumenical partners. Putting our faith into action, we minister to and advocate for those in need and encourage all to reach their full potential.


The Lehigh County Conference of Churches is an association of over 138 churches and faith organizations working together with over 800 volunteers meeting the human and spiritual needs of our community. Since 1954, the Lehigh County Conference of Churches has sponsored programs that have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people - giving them hope, restoring their dignity and playing a crucial role in each person’s life. See our 50th Anniversary Book

Annually, the Lehigh County Conference of Churches:

To join with us in our work: Joining the Conference of Churches, Volunteering at the Conference of Churches





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