There is something in sickness that breaks down the pride of manhood. 
Charles Dickens



The lack of comprehensive services and supports for people with mental illness, coupled with a lack of health insurance for so many families living in poverty, leads to significant drains on community resources. The sum costs of emergency room visits, in-patient acute care and psychiatric hospitalizations, and incarcerations far outstrips the cost of comprehensive health insurance and effective case management.


Daybreak began in 1979 as a response to the release of large numbers of state mental hospital patients into the community and has uniquely served the Lehigh Valley for 30 years, preventing homelessness by offering self-sufficiency, socialization, education and vocational programs for this and other at-risk populations. Daybreak members are men and women who have successfully completed or who are currently being treated for mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, or HIV/AIDS - the homeless, the impoverished elderly, and transients.

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Pharmaceutical Assistance assists low-income Lehigh County residents who have no health insurance with emergency prescriptions for asthma, seizures, diabetes, high blood pressure, and antibiotics.  Thanks to special funding we can also help female cancer patients.

How We Help Our Community

  • - Stabilize the health of a low-income individual until medical assistance takes effect
  • - Prevent serious illness, avoiding more expensive interventions and saving money for individuals, families and the medical institutions that serve them

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