Homeless Camp



The Linkage Program:

  • Offers alternatives to life on the street
  • Links the homeless to appropriate agencies for assistance and/or treatment
  • Aids and redirects individuals without a home
  • Warns the homeless of the danger of extreme weather, either cold or hot, directing them to emergency shelters
  • Advocates, mediates and problem solves with the homeless
  • Assists in finding employment
  • Strives to move homeless to self-sufficiency
  • Provides blankets, clothing and direction to soup kitchens and food banks

    In 2010, the Linkage Coordinator met with 292 men and 94 women, 163 of whom reported homeless. The Linkage Coordinator assisted in obtaining 52 state identification cards and birth records, and met 155 different times to work towards obtaining identification. Without proper identification, customers cannot receive Social Security, Medical Assistance, and other services necessary to stabilize their situations and move forward with their lives. Customers were also referred to employment services in 127 cases, to mental health services in 59 cases, and to assistance with chemical dependencies in 147 cases.


    Contacting Linkage

    The Chew Street office is open for walk-in customers Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday & Fridays from 9 AM – 11 PM and 1 PM– 3 PM at the Conference of Churches Main Office, 1031 West Linden Street, Allentown. Telephone: 610-439-8653 ext 39 for people who would like to inquire about services. 


    To refer someone you know facing homelessness to emergency services please click here: Street Sheet Guide to Services


    Program Needs
    Linkage has a small clothing room for emergencies. Appointments are made with clients on a case-by-case with the Linkage Coordinator.  To donate to the clothing room, contact the Linkage Coordinator to arrange time and date for drop-off or pick-up.  Other locations that accept donated items can also be provided.       


    Linkage Coordinator:
    Ben Stephens, BSW
    Telephone: 610-439-8653 ext 39






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