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Homelessness Prevention

The Homelessness Prevention Program acts as Representative Payee for people who receive benefits through Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Income and/or Social Security Disability, or other public and/or private benefits. The program ensures that their housing, utility, medical and other bills are paid in a timely manner.


In 2010, the Homelessness Prevention Program acted as Representative Payee for 99 beneficiaries, ages ranging from 2 to over 66 years of age. The goal of the program is to help the beneficiaries learn money management so that they may one day be financially self-sufficient.


Homelessness Prevention Program:

- Acts as Representative Payee for recipients of Social Security and other public and/or private benefits;

- Keeps informed of clients’ needs so that appropriate decisions can be made as to how their benefits can best be used financially for their well-being;

- Ensures that housing, utility, medical and other bills are paid in timely manner;

- Meets with clients on a weekly basis and reviews their monthly budgets with them on a regular basis; and

- Assists in setting goals, meeting daily responsibilities, and understanding money management.


Joan was awarded Supplemental Security Income benefits. Due to her mental illness, past addictions, and homelessness, the Social Security Administration felt it was best that she had a Representative Payee manage her benefits. Social Security contacted the Lehigh County Conference of Churches Representative Payee program two years ago regarding Joan.

Today, Joan has her own apartment and is maintaining an addiction-free life. She volunteers at a local soup kitchen and has recently enrolled in college. The Conference still acts as her Representative Payee although there is the distinct possibility that in the future she will no longer need Conference services and become successfully self-sufficient.


For more information regarding the Representative Payee Program, call 610-439-8653 ext 14.



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