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Campbell Lectures


Continuing the Orthodox Catholic and Roman Catholic Dialogue
Thursday, April 10th, 4 PM—8 PM at DeSales University



Campbell Lectures History

In memory of Bob Campbell, former CEO of PPL and community leader, the Committee on Ecumenism of the Lehigh County Conference of Churches has established these annual lectures to focus on Christian unity.


Held annually since 1993, the purpose of the Robert K. Campbell Memorial Lectures on Christian Unity is to encourage Christian unity within the faith community in the Lehigh Valley. Established by the Lehigh Conference of Churches in 1990, this endeavor has fostered the greatest cooperation possible among diverse religious perspectives and dialogue about religious issues of major importance to the community. Additionally, the lectureship has drawn public attention to the subject of Christian unity and its potential for addressing some of the major problems facing society today.


As Chief Executive Officer of the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company, Bob was not only a leader in the corporate world, but he was highly regarded as a community leader, a humanitarian, and a person who actively lived his faith. He encouraged the religious communities to work together to assist local people in need. Concretely ecumenical, Mr. Campbell was an active Presbyterian while his wife and family are active Roman Catholics.


His passion led to the creation of Alliance Hall, a unique partnership of non-profit, faith-based and governmental agencies, which houses the Lehigh County Conference of Churches, Lehigh Valley Childcare, the Allentown Health Bureau and Housing Association and Development Corporation apartments for the disabled.




2013 Campbell Lectures on Christian Unity

The Pilgrim Church & The Ecumenical Future with

Steven R. Harmon, author of Ecumenism Means You, Too: Ordinary Christians and the Quest for Christian Unity and Christian Theology scholar Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity in Boiling Springs, North Carolina

Lecture 1:  A Pilgrim Church Theology, Discovered through Dialogue

Lecture 2:  Embodying the Story of Jesus: The Pilgrim Identity of the Body of Christ

Dr. Harmon’s blog on ecumenical theology is:


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